January 12, 2016

CD Review: My Wiggle Makes Me Giggle

*This post was sponsored by Choosy Kids. Regardless of compensation all stories, opinions & typos are 100% my own*

If you know how Capri and I are in the car, then you know that we like to rock out! She is a great car dancer (you know you are too!) and I enjoy me some funky beats.

When she was little, it really didn’t matter was songs we listened to because she didn’t understand what they were singing. But now that she is getting older, she is listening to every word that is said (her dad and I have learned our lesson fast about this) so we have to be careful about what we let her listen to.

Well let me tell you that I have found the BEST CD ever and it is actually meant for kids so that means care-free listening for me during our car rides now.

If you have a kid who likes to move and groove to good music, I highly suggest you check out Choosy Kids newest CD, My Wiggle Makes Me Giggle. This CD is upbeat and fast paced, and best of all, it teaches children how to get their heartbeat up and exercising without even realizing it.

Capri’s favorite song is the third song on the CD: “Play in Choosy’s Band” because it talks about playing the instruments in a rock band such as the guitar, keyboards, drums and singing. When we are in the car she will get her hands going and plays some air guitar, air drums and air piano. Check out the video of her playing her guitar at home while listening to the song.

My favorite song is either “I Can! Can You?” or “My Choosy Plate”. I can’t decide which one I like best because they are both fun.

To purchase this CD, head on over to Choosy Kids store and add the CD to your cart and create an account to check out. Easy as pie!

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